The class is 100% online. You get immediate access once you register. I’ve poured everything I teach in my 3 day in person training into this course (and more).

The class covers: Skin Depth, Contraindications, Surgery Types, Scarring, Mapping, Color Theory, Needles, Set-Up, Drawing, Latex Practice, the difference between Bilateral and Unilateral. We go through 3 entire procedures from consultation to aftercare and every single step in between. We also discuss how to interview with doctors, marketing, how to get patients, insurance, billing and so much more.

If this is something you are interested in learning – I would highly recommend considering this class. I’ve made it super easy to navigate and you can access everything including our 4K Videos on any computer or phone. $699


We have a starter kit ($69+ shipping) available on our SHOP site for students who don’t want to buy full boxes of supplies.