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Training Consent Form

Please review the following terms. A copy of this contract will be emailed two weeks before class for you to sign and returned

We are so excited to have you! Thank you for choosing me as your mentor. A copy of this contract will be sent to your email two weeks prior to your course date through DocuSign. It is imperative that you carefully read, sign, initial and return this contract as soon as possible. Your seat cannot be fully reserved until the consent form is signed and returned.

Airport, Pick-Up & Drop-Off Information:

______ Student pick up is at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH). There are two major Houston airports, so please be sure you book your flights at the correct airport. ______ Pick up time is 2:00pm ______ Drop off time for your departure will be at 12:00pm

______ If you opt to fly in/out at a different time, you are responsible for transportation. Uber starts at $140 to/from Training Facility. Travel to and from your destination will require flight and/or automobile transportation:

______ You are aware of the risks you are taking when it comes to auto accidents or airplane travel. Accident, injury illness, or death, Ink Boutique, Sherah Juarez, or any training staff of Ink Boutique cannot be held liable.

______ Delayed flights can happen, and you may have to find an alternative transportation such as Uber, to get to training center. Please note that if you miss pick up time, we are not responsible for fees occurred or your flight, if delayed. _____

______ You agree that you are willfully taking these risks upon yourself and hold harmless all of the above mentioned.


______ You are aware that your stay during the training will be two students per room. However, students will have their own bed.

______ You are aware that this is a waterfront home and that there are certain risks you will be taking:  Water/ drowning or boat accident  Campfire/ burns  Bugs, mosquitos, bees, etc. are rare but not impossible. We are in the country. If you have allergies, please let us know and bring your Epi pen or medication with you. If you need any medications such as Tylenol or Advil, we will not be able to provide these for you. You are more than welcome to bring them.

______ You are aware this home is on a septic tank. There can be no feminine products, trash, or excess toilet paper flushed in the toilet. ______ No vaping or smoking is allowed inside the training facility. We do not have any tolerance for any type of illegal drug/substance to be in our vehicles or training center. If caught with an illegal drug or substance, you will immediately be escorted to the airport, and zero dollars of the entire class tuition will be refunded.

______ Due to 12-hour training days & as a courtesy to all students, quiet hours will be implemented at 11:00pm on nights 1 & 2 of training. You are welcome to stay up as late as you want on the final night  Training:

______ Information that is presented in this training is proprietary to Sherah Juarez. You are not allowed to share techniques, tips, or any other information that you learned in this training. ______ You are not allowed to train anyone for 2 years from date of training.

______ You have had a chance to reviewed the course hours and training syllabus

______ You are aware you will not work on a live model. You will work on latex skins during this training. Sherah will demonstrate on latex skins. You will watch a prerecorded video of Sherah working on a live model.

 Here are a few things that are important to ensure you have a smooth and comfortable training experience with us.  Allergies/ Food Allergies/ Any Dietary restrictions?  Do you prefer coffee or juice in mornings?  What is your preferred beverage? Water, tea, soda?  Are you comfortable if adult beverages are served? Now that I have probably scared you to death  ...Let talk about some fun things!  We do have a hot tub, so please bring a suit if you’d like! You are also welcome to ride in our paddleboat. Life jackets are mandatory and will be available for you to use.  We also will be taking many pictures during your training. We thought a pajama picture would be fun. Bring your favorite PJs!  Attire for class will be very casual. We want you to enjoy your break away from reality and most importantly, be comfortable for your training. I personally will be wearing jogging suits or scrubs during training.  If you have a tattoo machine, please bring it to class. Because you are bringing your own machine, you may choose if you want a pigment bag or the practice machine offered.  For those of you that do not have a machine, we will be giving you a practice machine to use during class and to take home with you.  Everything else you need in class will be provided.  If there is anything you can think of that we should know about you, please let us know on this form, and we will do our very best to accommodate! ♡

We cannot wait to meet you!  S

Sherah Juarez / Ink Boutique team

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