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Please read the FAQ’s before contacting us, as most of your questions will be on here. Thank you!

  • Can you get permanent makeup if you have previous permanent makeup done? It depends, we will need to see what type of permanent makeup you have had done, and when. IF it was done by us, it should not be a problem.

  • Can you do my 3D Areola Tattoo if I got one done with someone else? More than likely, we will be able to correct/touch up your previous areola work. We will most likely ask to see a picture of it, if you are extremely concerned.

  • What do I need to bring to my appointment? Just bring yourself. You can bring pictures of different styles that you like and/or are inspirations to you.

  • Can I bring my mom, sister, spouse or friend? Absolutely, feel free to bring someone to your appointment. There is usually an additional chair in the room that they can use.

  • Will the procedure be performed in a clean, sterile, professional environment? Definitely, we work out of various doctors offices and Med Spa’s throughout Houston and surrounding areas.

  • Will the topical treatment being used be prescription strength? Or only over the counter strength? Because we work out of Doctor’s offices and Med Spa’s we are able to use the highest quality, medical strength numbing cream.

  • Can I receive a prescription if needed to prevent fever blisters, or eye drops, etc? Yes, because we work out of Doctor’s offices our Dr’s can assist you in this.

  • Are you and your team members FORMALLY trained? Absolutely! All of our team members have extensive trainings in various techniques from different international masters. They have also completed the mandatory 1 year apprenticeship at Ink Boutique.

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